Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Love You...I Hate You

So did you feel this way this weekend, yesterday, today???? This is so par for the course, and like Jeremy you're teen may barely register you feelings of this momentary contempt. I love how his mom did throw a positive in there, just to keep things balanced. 

The summer is starting to feel really really long. In the beginning it was refreshing to have your teen hanging around, maybe having some spontaneous moments of connections and fun. But now with the summer winding down, your teen is feeling the "summer crunch." Only a few weeks left of sleeping in, no structure, no homework, sleepovers and parties galore, hanging with friends every waking moment and few responsibilities. You feeling you're own "summer crunch" trying to get them out of bed to DO SOMETHING!!! Get their summer reading done, sick of being the endless ATM, and tired of being the summer nag, you are holding on for dear life till school starts, which at this point feels like nirvana!

Tips To Stay Sane:
  • Make your own life full, so you don't have to focus all your attention on theirs
  • Lower your expectations. What is the minimum you can expect that will keep you sane, and focus on that.
  • Don't let yourself be taken advantage of. If you feel you have bent over backwards this summer to accommodate their sleeping, waking, food, and friends habit, set a limit on what you just don't want to do anymore. Don't argue about it, just say NO, shrug your shoulders, and walk away!
PS: This next section has nothing to do with what's above. I just watched John Oliver's show on HBO and he did this amazing segment on Sex ed for teens. Here is his version of a great sex ed video for teens. Some of you may be offended, and If so, I'm sorry. I love the honesty and the humor, and think that this is something your teen might really resonate with. Show it to them or not..just a resource to share.


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