Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Enabling Our Teen-age Drinkers

Just wanted to share a few "drinking stories" so that you can keep them in mind as your teen is out and about on the summer party circuit.

# 1:
Many kids in high school have been accessing fake IDs through mail order. This used to be a college thing, but now the younger kids are getting in on the action. This means unlimited ability to purchase alcohol. Keep your eyes out for unmarked packages coming to your house or money going in and out of your teen's bank accounts. One parent found out when he noticed in his teen's bank account $500 going in and coming out. These ID makers want kids to buy in groups so there is less mail coming to them and less suspicion cast. So usually one teen is the responsible party, collects the money and then sends the money through western union. College fake ID's don't scare me nearly as much as 15 and 16 years with access. FYI

50 kids are invited to a party which is held in an upstairs party/playroom. Parents are home, but sitting 2 floors down watching tv. It seems that earlier in the day, the host kid and friends got the booze and hid it up the playroom prior to the party. Parents not getting you need to do reconnaissance prior to kid's home get togethers end up with at least 3 kids completely wasted and drunk (on a 3rd floor with steps). Luckily they found them before the kids tried to make their way down the stairs. Here is the lesson, if your teen is going to have friends over, an hour before do a walk inside and outside to see if kids have stashed alcohol in bushes, garages, backyard sheds, under beds, couches..you get the picture.

#3 One parent told me about parents who not only buy their kids their booze but than give them expert advice on how to run from the police should they be called to the scene, lest they get caught and have to face any embarrassing consequences. This parent also told me about a parent who had moved to a new house, but hadn't sold the old one, and let her teen and friends party there so they would have a "safe" place to party.

Remember that just because a parent is home or says they are going to be home does not mean supervision. Your work is to talk and plan with your teen every single time they leave to hang with their friends. You say to your teen " What is your safety plan!!!" Ignore the eye rolls. Just maybe it might save their  life.

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  1. #1 is news to me, although certainly not shocked that these things are going on.