Thursday, May 8, 2014

Turning A Deaf Ear

Zits Cartoon for May/05/2014

Hello.....Anyone Home???? How often has this happened in your house.Talking about being tuned out. With the distraction of the teenage brain and all that is going on inside of it, to the distraction of their smartphone and all that is going on in front of them, your voice is on mute button even when you yell your loudest. 

The solution and key to lower frustration, you might need to stand in front of them and make your request live and in-person or send them text, that ought to get their attention! And remember, you are unavailable to give rides, money, shop, buy until the reverse the mute button!


  1. Thank goodness for you! I thought I was alone with these thoughts. I have just popped over from Ms Toody Goo Shoes blog after reading her review of your book. At the moment the only way I can get my two teen's attention (16 and 14) is to cry! Now an avid follower. Thank you x

  2. I have to try at LEAST three times to get my son's attention! I am so glad that Chel (above) found your blog!