Tuesday, March 27, 2018

The March For Our Lives, And It's Many Lessons

I never made it into Boston, though I had every good intention to be a part of the March For Our Lives. However, I sat down in front of the TV at noon on Saturday, and did not leave my chair for the next three and a half hours. I watched as teen after teen shared their feelings and thoughts and hopes for the future, as they fight for what they know are their rights as citizens of our country. Their passion, their authenticity, their honesty, and their personal stories, moved me like nothing else I have experienced in my life. Without the cynicism of adulthood, and perhaps the feelings of hopelessness that many adults feel about the future, these kids now show us the way.

These kids are why I am so passionate about my work with parents of teens. So often misunderstood, teens carry within themselves the seeds of the future. Unbridled from self censorship, and full of pure emotion they help us reconnect with our more authentic selves.

Because our world has become so crowded and full of distraction from horrible news cycles, technology, worry for our teen's safety and future, as well as our own, we have lost that essence of childhood where emotion, passion and excitement live.

Join with your teens in this journey of self discovery. These Parkland kids didn't take months to formulate a plan. Five weeks, was all it took to get a million+ plus around the world to join together to start a movement. Sometimes we think too much, plan too much, analyze too much, as moments pass us by. Not these teens, not a second to lose, not a moment to waste, just action.

Feeling, being, doing, and connecting, that's what these teens have taught me. Here are a few moments from Saturday that stay with me. The girl with bullet fragments in her face, reading her poem with such passion and emotion throws up on stage from anxiety and fullness of feeling. Takes a moment, rights herself and goes on!!! The almost 6 minutes of total silence in a crowd of thousands. Such respect for this young woman and the deaths that brought them together. An eleven year old 6th grader already ready to take action by organizing her class to walk out in support of gun safety. Two black kids from Chicago suffering the loss of brothers to gun violence bring an audience to unity with rhythmic clapping.. So many moments to share with your kids. Just for the moment!!

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