Thursday, August 24, 2017

On these Lingering Last Few Days Of Vacation

Just a few more days, and the easiness of the last 2 months will transition to the frenetic pace of school and work, and family. Before it all gets away from everybody, why not start a new family tradition of welcoming the new school year by expressing gratitude for what the summer brought you all and what everyone is looking forward to in this year.

Make it official, maybe a special dinner out or favorite take out, or favorite meal shared the last night before school starts. Take turns sharing the best of the summer and what your were grateful for, and what each of you looks forward to this year.

Teens tend to live moment by moment, rarely taking the time to reflect. This is a life long skill. These reflections set the stage for their futures and how they might remember and use these memories as a foundation for the goals they set for themselves in life.

You don't have to go deep and all philosophical. But I do think rituals and traditions are important parts of family life. As I reflect on my summer I'm getting a little teary. I had some surgery this summer, nothing serious, all is well, but it made me so grateful for the loving care of my husband, my daughter and my amazingly supportive friends. I am grateful for the parents who stayed with me this summer, reading my blogs, and making me feel useful even when I felt like sh**!! I am grateful for the time I was able to have to recover with no pressure to work, and to be able to take the time I needed for myself.

See how easy that is!!! Go for it!!! And I wish you all a wonderful new beginning. Because that is what every new school year brings. A new slate. Give your kids the gift of new beginnings!!!

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