Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Choking Game Is NOT A Game At All!

Recently a parent called me with a very disturbing story. Her 14 year old son had a very good friend who died a few months ago. He had been home alone, and when his parents got home they found him dead of asphyxiation. At first look it seemed like a suicide, but after careful investigation by the family, medical community and police it was determined that he had died from playing the "choking game." Some kids play this with friends, and others do it alone. Apparently there is a tiny window of ecstasy when one deprives oneself of oxygen by either having your friends momentarily strangle you or you do it to yourself. I repeat...tiny opportunity, when at the release of suffocation, at just the right moment, the body sends a rush of oxygen and endorphins through the body for an instant but possibly fatal high!

It is very important that you discuss this with your teen. Because teens have that sense of invincibility, and until someone puts the absolute fear of god and death into them, they might think that nothing bad could happen to them, because after all....it's just a game. The article below has a very detailed explanation so rather than making you read about it twice, you can read the article.
Talking about this with your teen WILL NOT make them want to do it. This may be something they have been in the presence of already, or could be in the future. Don't wait, read this article with them, and talk about it today!!!!

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  1. How can this be a game? I agree, it is very important this should be discussed with teens. Telling them straightforwardly that they can die playing this game should beat some sense into them. I read the article. "Another way to get high". I have no word.