Thursday, September 1, 2016

Two Apps To Keep Your Teens And College Students Safe

I know I'm usually writing about apps that I think are unsafe but today I want to alert you to two apps that I think are important in keeping your kids safe. I think either one of these apps is a must for roving teens and/or college students now living and being on their own. These both give your teen a way to contact a group of caring and responsible friends, give them their exact location and let them know they need help!

Revolar is a new product that is a very small device that can be worn on a keychain, or clipped somewhere on their body/clothes. It is linked to their cellphone on which a complimentary app has been downloaded and synched to the device. It may be that your teen is away from their phone, maybe left in their car, tucked away in a bag, in a jacket pocket or on the floor of a room not easily accessible. Maybe they have gotten themselves into a situation where a sexual encounter has gone bad, or they have had too much to drink and are feeling out of control.  With a touch of a button, 5 of their trusted friends are contacted by text and email with their location and a message that signifies an immediate emergency and need for immediate action, or maybe just a signal that they need a call that would interrupt an uncomfortable situation they need help getting out of. The number of times in succession the button is pushed lets the friends know what is needed. This product is available on line (see link) or can be purchased at best buy. Why not buy and send it in your first college care package!


Circle of 6  is a free app download to your kid's phone. Kids choose six trusted friends, and maybe you if you live close by to contact when they need help. It Lets the user easily contact friends for a ride, to check in or to signal an emergency. One or two touches on the icon notifies their "circle of six." where they are and what they need.

Which should you choose? This is where a frank talk with your teen comes in. Is their phone always accessible or not? Would they remember to wear the revolar especially when they were going out "to party" or they know they might be in a situation or place that makes them feel potentially unsafe or uncomfortable? Either one provides a  digital companion at the ready to help them out. 

The good news is that not only would it give your teen/college student or young adult the comfort in knowing that help is just a button away, but it gives you that comfort too!!!!!

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