Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Training Your Teen To Drive UNDISTRACTED!

Last week the Massachusetts Police departments announced that there would be a major crackdown on texting while driving. Come on, fess up, do you text and drive even just a little? Well so do your teens! And just making teen texting offenders pay a big fine will do little to change behavior...unless you teach your teen how to drive without their phone. I wrote this article last week for the Boston Globe with strategies to do just that!

A few scary statistics to motivate:

More than 3000 teens die every year from texting and driving!
More than 50% of teens admit to texting and driving. Than is 1 our of very 2 teens. That is a lot!!!


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  1. I've got a learner driver in my house. They did a school program where they watched an emergency response to a mock accident. They were all then told to put their phone in the boot before they drive. I'm amazed at how well they understood that message!