Thursday, May 14, 2015

OH OH New Study Says Teen Binge Drinking Is Up

Because we are heading into heavy duty party season, you need to have some good, serious discussions about the whole drug and alcohol issue as it relates to safety. Just this past weekend a  police were called to a teen party taking place in the woods of a near-by town. As the cops approached, the kids ran!!! One young woman, unaware that the party was close to a cliff, and in the haste of running fell off the cliff and was seriously injured.

Please use this I Get It moment to talk to your teens; "honey, I know now that the weather is warm, and you and your friends have more free time, partying is probably going to be somewhere in your plans. It scares me to think that you might drink too much, and not be aware of how the alcohol can affect you. When you power drink, and do shot after shot, your body just can't tolerate that much alcohol. It can shut down, you could black out, you could trip and fall, you can aspirate on your own vomit, some really ugly things. I need to know that you have a plan to keep yourself safe. I don't want you drinking or doing drugs at all, but I know how easy it is to get caught up in the moment. Let's figure this out together. I love you, and I couldn't bear it if something happened to you."

Also be aware that phone apps make gathering hundreds of teens together to party happen in a matter of seconds, one tweet and the word is out. An app like yikyak is an uber party tool. If your teen has the app and it is open on their phone, anyone within 10 miles who also has the app open can notify or be notified of some rad party happening "in the hood." You do not have to know the person, or be  a follower of the person. Total strangers can show up as long as they have the app,and are in the area when someone posts, "hey party at 67 Main st!. Also with live streaming apps like periscope, your teen and their party behavior can be broadcast live to hundreds/thousands of people on that app. Maybe even their soccer coach who has strict rules about partying behavior and drinking. Good bye varsity soccer. These are things you need to talk about with your kids. Have them download this app It might literally save their life. Kids chose 6 people (I hope you might be one of them) who with a touch of a button, and GPS locator can come to their aid in a scary situation. Maybe it's a party out of control, maybe with a guy who is pressuring them to do something they don't want to but don't know how to extricate themselves from, it could be anything. It's a great safety tool.

Be prepared for the eye-rolling, disgust and denial. Do not let it deter you. Love is a pretty strong deterrent.

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