Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Four Apps That Will Keep Your Daughters Safe

I've been writing a lot about the increase in sexual assaults against young women. Besides talking to your daughters and reading to your daughters the articles I've linked to, and helping them to come up with a strategy to stay safe during a night of partying, here are 4 new phone apps that have been designed with the sole purpose of keeping young women safe. Don't wait till college to get these downloaded on your teen's phone, do it now!!!! Circle of 6 seems like it would be a user-friendly teen friendly app. Add your name to the circle of 6!

OnWatch Lets the user call friends or 911 with two taps. She can set a timer if she’s in a vulnerable situation; if she doesn’t enter her code when the timer goes off, the app alerts the cops ($9.99 a year; onwatchoncampus.com).
Circle of 6 Lets the user easily contact friends for a ride, to check in or to signal an emergency (free; circleof6app.com).
SafeTrek Hold down the “safe button” on the phone; when the button is released, the app dials the police. Cancel the alert with a four-digit pin ($1.99; safetrekapp.com).
My Force One tap sends the phone’s GPS coordinates to a 24/7 live team that contacts authorities ($99 per year with code MYFORCE99; myforce.com).—V.S.S.

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