Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Teen Texting: A Translation Manuel For Their Secret Language

I recently found this glossary of letter combinations that teens use to keep parents in the dark. Enjoy!

PIR = Parent in room
PAL = Parents are Listening
AITR = Adult in the room
PAW = Parents are Watching
PA or PA911 = Parent Alert
CD9 or Code 9 = Parent around
99 = Parent gone
303 = Mom

And now for the language of sex!

GNOC = Get naked on camera
GYPO = Get your pants off
IWSN= I want sex now
LH6 = Let’s have sex
CU46 = See you for sex
53X= Sex
8 = Oral sex
TDTM = Talk dirty to me
PRON= Porn
IPN= I’m posting naked
NIFOC= Naked in front of computer
WTTP= Want to trade pictures?
 ?^= Want to Hook Up? NSA=No Strings Attached
RU/18 = Are You Over 18?
I&I = Intercourse & Inebriation

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