Wednesday, June 18, 2014

File under: Teens Do The Craziest Things

The story below is about a bunch of teens, celebrating their high school graduation, who go out to the desert (they live in Nevada) and have a bonfire. They roll over a huge 55 gallon drum of diesel fuel. perhaps for some extra fireside seating.  As you can imagine, that didn't go well, as the drum ignited from the heat of the fire.  Seven teens were sent to the hospital for burns, no one was seriously hurt....thank god

Summer is here, and the crazy, stupid, and darndest things teens do will surprise you every time! Your job is to anticipate what some of these crazy stupid things might be, especially when booze and pot is present. With warm weather come parties in the woods, or on a beach. Please make sure that every single time your teen leaves the house to party with friends this summer, that you say: What's your plan for safety tonight. Every single time!!! Make them use that thinking brain of this, that goes into hiding when the awesomeness of some great partying plan takes them over. If they can't think of anything, prompt them with some scenarios that you think are likely. Starting sentences with: "What will you do if______________________. How will you stay safe." They WILL roll their eyes. They WILL think that you are being smothering and overprotective, But one of those safety plans just might be able to keep them safe. What's a little eyerolling!

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