Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Night Of The "Bad Teacher"

OK this is shameless promotion Tuesday. Many of your kids are on vacation this week, so I thought I would offer up a fun activity for Thursday evening, @9:30 PM. Shameless Promotion: My daughter Ari Graynor is an actress. She is the star of a new CBS show that premiers on Thursday night @ 9:30 PM called Bad Teacher. Though it does share the name and basic premise of the movie that starred Cameron Diaz the similarities stop there. This bad teacher (my daughter) is a narcissist, but a sweet one. This is actually a show that you can watch as a family. It is cute, funny, and does not include any raunchy sex jokes, I promise! So sit down with a bowl of ice cream, or popcorn and your middle/high school kids and enjoy at family night in front of the tube! Here is a sample of the show. Enjoy



  1. The trailer looks really good. Your daughter is gorgeous and witty and in terrific shape. All from her mother of course. Will tune in. Congrats.

  2. thank you carol. I am really proud of her, can you tell?