Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Power Of Role Modeling

Watch and then we'll talk:

If you want your teen to learn to love reading, than sit down and read your own book

If you want your teen to stop being attached to their phones, stop being attached to yours

If you want your teen to share feelings about their life, start sharing feelings about your life

If you want your teen to feel that helping people and being committed to community service is an important part of life than go do some volunteer work and share your experience

If you want your teen to start talking and stop yelling, than you need to stop yelling and start talking

If you want you teen to be open minded, stop trying to always have the last word, and learn to listen better

If you don't want your teen to drink and drive, then you better not drink and drive, even that one beer when you go out with the family for pizza

You get the idea! And by the way, don't expect to see the fruits of all this modeling until they are done doing the adolescent job of separation. Right now they want to be anything but like you!! But take comfort, Look at who you are today, what you enjoy doing, and what your core values are. I'm guessing they bear a very close resemblance to those people you call your parents. It may take a few years, but you will totally rub off on your kids, at least some of you!

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  1. Wow, what a powerful video! Thanks for sharing, and for the reminders!