Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How To Do A "Hang" With Your Teen

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The good news is that even if they're texting and watching TV and eating snacks, they are probably way more open to conversation than you might think. You just have to follow these rules:

1. Don't try to make a comment while they are mid-text. Timing is everything. Catch them between chimes with a comment about the show/movie you are watching together.

2. Don't make a judgemental comment about "why can't you just put your damn phone away." Trust me, they will vacate the premises.

3. Getting them to sit on the couch with you even if they are texting is a coup!

4. Reinforce their company. Bring in food. Make this time as pleasant as possible, so that they want to do it again.

5. Watch a movie or TV show that is of interest to them. Remember you are trying to entice the away from the entertainment cave that is their room.

6. Be realistic, this is not the good old days. Those days may be gone forever, its time to re-define couch time!

7. Or drum roll please: start early with your kids and help them not to get addicted to their phones in the first place! Oh yes, that means you too!

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