Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Be the Best Model You Can Be For Your Teen's Sake

Ok the story below just boils my blood. In short, a coach wanted to take his middle school boys football team to HOOTERS for an end of the season celebration. Hooters!! Middle school boys!!! Are you kidding me????? Some  parents got wind of the plan and put the kibosh on it. The coach, rather than acknowledging that it was a riduclous plan in the first place, and offering a revised plan like maybe the local pizza parlor, refused to stand down and chose….CHOSE to be fired rather than come up with a different plan for the boys. Now that is a wonderful lesson to teach a bunch of young adolescent boys, who were salivating at the thought of being able to moon over sexy young woman hired to encourage boys to do just that!

The important lessons that this coach imparted to these impressionable youth are;
1. Women are there for your oogling pleasure
2. Never back down, even when you have had a lapse of judgement. Opt to lose a job over your "principles."

Teens are impressionable. They are formulating an identity full of moral questions. Sometimes they just absorb your values and beliefs, and sometimes they question them, which is a really good thing. After all, your teens aren't you. Different strokes for different folks. However some moral judgements seem very obvious. If an adult man wants to oogle woman, so be it, but to promote ogling to young boys, not good.

You may have opinions and judgements about things that have come from a lifetime of experience. Your personal experience, not your teen's. Be careful of promoting values and beliefs that for adults might be fine, but for teens, uh uh. How you practice your beliefs and values about drugs, alcohol and sex will be watched very carefully by your teens. Looking in the mirror is hard. Could someone please give this coach a full length one!!

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