Wednesday, August 28, 2013

An OMG Sexting Story

Now that your teens are heading back to school, having "matured" over the summer and excited for a new year of flirting with potential new crushes, I thought I would share a little bit of "joani live." In this video I share a story a parent came to me with looking for help. For teens, sexting has become the perferred mode of communication. The old-fashioned "hi, what's up" has morphed into "hey-you know what's hot piece of a**!

If you happened to watch any of the MTV video awards and the performance of Miley Cyrus,(and I'm sure your teens did) you have to understand that sexually charged behavior, and sexually charged language does not bring a blush to anyone's cheeks anymore. I literally gagged watching Miley, your teens probably cheered her on! They need to hear from you on this topic. I hope this video gives you some help in that area.

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