Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Latest New Parenting Trend

I can't take credit for this amazing new parent technique, but I absolutely must share it with you. It is called the CTFD techniques which stands for: Calm The F**K Down

Here are some applications for the technique:

  • For the umpteenth time you have asked your teen to clean up their room...CTFD.  So what if your teens room get a 10 on the filthy room scale. If there are no bugs, or flying insects, you're good! Is your teen a good person who happens to be a slob..CTFD

  • For the umpteenth time you have badgered your teen to sit down and start their summer reading for the fall. CTFD I will give you some strategies to help you with that tomorrow.

  • For the umpteenth time you have reminded your teen to do whatever one chore they are responsible for. You cannot believe what a lazy sloth your teen has turned into this summer. CTFD Just do it yourself and save yourself from frustration. Is your teen otherwise a good person?

  • You get the drift. Relax, its summer, soon enough you will have to badger like its nobodies business. Put yourself on vacation.

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