Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Post-Summer.. School Blues

Zits Comic:

Jeremy sitting in class at his school desk, constantly changing his position. Words over his head: Groan! Grumble! Grunt! Twist Fidget Shuffle Sigh!
Jeremy to his friend in the seat in front: "Is it just me or is it academic in here?"
Friend: "Summer stays with you longer that it does most people, doesn't it?

I completely empathize with you Jeremy. I thought I was all energized and ready to start my teaching again, blog, get myself on twitter, work on new business ideas, and now all my fizz seems to have gone flat. I am procrastinating and low energy. Even when I should have been lecturing to my Freshman on Thursday, I searched youtube(thank you Mr. youtube inventor) for a movie to show instead. As it turned out, it was way better than my lecture would have been, and my students actually learned something, but for me it really was an avoidance technique.

It always seems to take me a few weeks in the fall to get my mojo back. I don't worry so much about it anymore, because somehow magically by about the 3rd week in September I am raring to go, right about the time all my flower boxes on my deck are begging to be thrown out. Kind of my symbolic gesture to own this new season.

Your kids too may be lacking some mojo. Try not to worry too much about it or go to the "you had all summer to lay around and do nothing, now it's time to get off your lazy ass and get up, go to school, do your chores and your homework and stop complaining about. This is life kiddo!"place.  A little empathy goes a long way. If your teen is exhibiting some sluggish, mopey, and lack of motivation kind of behavior, rather than going to the criticizing place, try a little: "I get it honey, it is really hard to get back into it, I know it might take a few weeks. I just want to make sure you don't dig yourself a hole while you get back up and running. What do you think might help?"

Sometimes just a little understanding is all your teen needs, and some time to complain. Have fun with it, use a little humor, start the ball rolling by asking them to list all the s**t they don't feel like dealing with. You might start off by saying: "I bet I am at the top of your list. You don't want to hear my voice with all the nagging I do, right. OK that's number 1, what's number 2?"

Having permission to kvetch can clear your head. Just ask my husband, he just got an earful!

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